Amcor has partnered with, a nonprofit founded by global consultancy McKinsey & Company, to develop recycling and waste management solutions that can be applied across communities in Latin America. Amcor is supporting’s “Rethinking Recycling” initiative in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which has worked with 5,000 households, trained more than 120 workers and helped communities to recycle a third of its waste. Before the initiative, there was no formal recycling system and only a minority of the population regularly sorted their waste. It will launch a series of pilots to test and improve recycling in the community, before expanding in 2022 and 2023. 

The project aligns with Amcor’s 2025 Sustainability Pledge and commitment to collaborate with partners globally to promote better waste management and recycling infrastructure. To assist the project, Amcor is leveraging its customer network to expand support for the initiative from leading consumer packaged goods companies. In addition, Amcor has collaborated in the organization of workshops with supply chain partners and helped to develop a city selection process for the Rethinking Recycling program.

“Amcor is pleased to be working with Rethinking Recycling to help to deliver a sustainable recycling system that could be applied in communities globally,” says David Clark, Amcor’s VP for sustainability. “Developing recycling infrastructure is critical in building a circular system that works and’s initiative will complement our existing efforts to collaborate to keep waste out of the environment.”

“Amcor has believed in and supported our vision for a world free of waste from the very beginning of the Rethinking Recycling program,” says Larissa Sakamoto, program manager at “With a shared commitment to creating sustainable waste ecosystems, Amcor’s investment is an important step in empowering every community to build green, economically-sustainable recycling systems.” 

Collaborating for impact 
Another example of Amcor’s collaboration in action is its work with the Recycling Partnership to increase residential recycling in the U.S. Since joining, Amcor and fellow partners have provided hundreds of thousands of dollars to the initiative, helping to boost recycling rates and the availability of recycled material for packaging. 

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