Henkel published its 30th Sustainability Report, which details the company’s progress in the sustainability.

"For us, at Henkel, sustainability is not only part of our long-standing tradition, but also an integral element of our strategic agenda for Purposeful Growth. In 2010, we defined our long-term sustainability strategy and targets up to 2030. And we are proud of the progress we have made since then. We achieved most of our targets, and even exceeded some of them,” says Carsten Knobel, CEO of Henkel.

"The global pandemic in 2020 has brought many new challenges. Nevertheless, together with our passionate teams across the globe, we have managed to drive our sustainability agenda forward, especially with regard to our three key focus areas: becoming a climate-positive company, enabling a circular economy and increasing our positive social impact. Our efforts have resulted in great achievements, both on company level and across our entire portfolio of products and technologies," says Sylvie Nicol, member of the Henkel management board responsible for human resources and sustainability.

Visit www.henkel.com/resource to view the report.