Spanish food manufacturer, AMC Natural Drinks, launched its first-ever plastic-free bottle made with citrus peels. This technology can help to avoid food waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as it capitalizes on growing consumer demand for more socially responsible products, according to GlobalData, a data and analytics company.

As sustainability and environmental responsibility continue to be important themes for consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic, manufacturers are finding solutions for long-term problems and appealing to this growing group of consumers. According to GlobalData’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Recovery Consumer Survey Results, 37% of European consumers say that the environmentally friendliness of a product or service always — or often — has the greatest influence in their product choice in the current situation.

“These results suggest a demand for environmentally friendly packaging and a potential for manufacturers to tap into this opportunity in order to increase consumer appeal for their brand,” says Elisabet Gonzalez, innovation team leader at GlobalData. “Brands should follow AMC Natural Drinks’ lead to capitalize on global consumer desire for more socially responsible products by investing in new technologies to develop novel packaging designs that can be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.”

The survey finds there has been growing demand for more environmentally friendly products, as the pandemic has made consumers more health and sustainability conscious. Consumers are seeking to do their part for the environment, and purchasing these products provides satisfaction. Moreover, these feel-good choices can help consumers gain a sense of control over their life during difficult times.

“Growing demand for environmentally responsible products offers an opportunity for brands to develop more sustainable strategies in order to increase sales, as well as build a positive brand image,” says Gonzalez. “With several governments likely to put a ban on non-recyclable packaging in coming years, companies need to start preparing for it by developing sustainable long-term strategies to stay ahead of the competition.”

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