Sealstrip Corporation has a history of developing easy-open and resealable solutions for flexible packaging with market demands in mind. Now, brand owners and consumers are aligned in demanding sustainable solutions throughout the packaging supply chain. In anticipation of green initiatives across industries, associations and governments globally, Sealstrip developed a recyclable material technology, VerdeSeal, that is responsive to market demands, verified to comply with the increasingly prevalent How2Recycle program, and won't sacrifice operational efficiency or package integrity.

Major brands have been consciously aware and demanding greener packaging solutions from suppliers for years. Ahead of the MacArthur Foundation and Global 2025 and 2030 initiatives, brand owners are looking to introduce uniform compositional packaging structures whenever possible. The uniformity of these structures lends itself strongly to recyclability, as consumers don’t have to separate packaging components (fitments, closures, bag, etc.) to divide into trash versus recycling. In addition to possessing uniform structure, polyethylene is viewed as the long-term sustainable package film choice because its recycling streams are being actively developed, investments in waste management facilities and programs are increasing, and polyethylene reuse markets continue to grow. Sealstrip's VerdeSeal utilizes a proprietary recyclable polyethylene, successfully meeting the content requirements for the How2Recycle program.

The How2Recycle program has become the standard for brands who want their packaging to be recycled and are empowering consumers through smart packaging labels. Sealstrip’s VerdeSeal is designed to comply with How2Recycle's "Store Drop-Off" label. Currently, How2Recycle’s Store Drop-Off is the only recycling option for flexible packaging at scalewith more than 18,000 locations in the U.S. ( Lifecycle and eco-efficiency assessments were performed and critically reviewed by third parties to confirm the material's recyclability and determine its environmental impact. VerdeSeal was also found to have the ability to produce a significant reduction in carbon footprint when compared to conventional reseal adhesive technologies. Reducing the carbon footprint and the amount of plastic is continuously driving packaging innovation from materials to operational success.

Sealstrip's development of VerdeSeal also aimed to avoid the common pitfalls of new green materials on the production line and the final package. According to the PMMI's 2020 report, “Packaging Sustainability: A Changing Landscape,” one of the top challenges CPGs encountered was increased downtime and end-of-line waste (PMMI, 2020). VerdeSeal was specifically designed to meet packaging line requirements and preserve a structural integrity, and when utilized in Sealstrip packaging solutions, the line operation is consistent. An additional concern was the sacrifice of barrier properties when introducing sustainable materials to a package structure. However, VerdeSeal has been specifically tested to provide the same overall oxygen transmission rate as the package it is applied to — thus maintaining barrier integrity.

With consistent focus on improvements, Sealstrip's product development emphasizes adaptable technology and evolving innovation. Meeting the industry's sustainability goals is at the core of development, with only continued improvement in sight. The flexibility of VerdeSeal in Sealstrip's packaging convenience features is only the beginning. Sealstrip provides materials and retrofit applicators tailored specifically to its customers' packaging needs. In an effort to continue to provide cost-effective and easy-to-use features and systems, Sealstrip endeavors to deliver adaptive and evolving packaging solutions.

With over 40 years of engineering innovative solutions, Sealstrip Corporation provides flexible packagers with the resealable and easy open packaging solutions that are essential to compete in today’s consumer market. The company designs and manufactures applicators that retrofit to customers’ existing wrapping machinery. Sealstrip also manufactures the pressure-sensitive tapes used to form the easy open and resealable features on flexible packages. Although Sealstrip distributes worldwide, products are designed and made in the USA.

Recyclable VerdeSeal for Sealstrip Systems provides the consistent application in line and reliable consumer convenience while adhering to food safety guidelines and maintaining barrier properties.