Candy maker nib mor announced a brand-new logo and upgraded packaging. The redesign aims to reinforce the company’s position as a crowd-pleasing snack for lower sugar, lower calorie organic dark chocolate with different toppings.

nib mor has redesigned its packaging with vibrant colors and unique iconography to appeal to its family-focused audience. Each visual element of the redesign is meant to differentiate the brand in the snacking chocolate category while also communicating its “craveability.” The modernized logo and eye-catching color palette of the packaging are intended to pop on store shelves and also convey a sense of fun while conveying the appetite appeal of the chocolate.

"The whole design is meant to reinforce the brand's mission of providing consumers a snackable, yes-able, permissible indulgence at a single glance," says Prabha Cheemalapati, CEO of nib mor. "As we've started sharing the new packaging more broadly, the feedback we've received has been incredibly positive."

Dollar sales of the brand's snacking bags were up nearly 30% in 2020 and its e-commerce sales increased by more than 50%. With the new packaging design being phased in online and on-shelf, nib mor is expecting to build even more momentum in 2021.

Consumers can already see the new packaging on nib mor's website. Over the month of April, it will be phased into retailers such as Sprouts, Whole Foods, Wegmans and more.

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