Candy maker, The Promotion In Motion Companies, Inc., upgraded the packaging graphics and expanded into new flavors and mixtures of its Sour Jacks Sour Wedge Candies.

The newest variety to join the lineup is Original Sour Jacks Sour Wedges, featuring a five-flavor mix of cherry, orange, lime, strawberry and lemonade. The new combination joins the revamped Sour Jacks Watermelon, Sour Jacks Wildberry and Sour Jacks Green Apple Sour Wedge varieties.

"We're always looking to innovate and find new and delicious ways to ensure our Sour Jacks Wedges meet the rapidly growing consumer demand for fun, flavorful, sweet and sour goodness," says Lena Antin, brand manager for The Promotion In Motion Companies, Inc. "The entire lineup features the unique Sour Jacks Sour Wedge shape, with a mouth-puckering, sour-sanded coating that tantalize taste buds and keeps sour-loving Sour Jacks® fans reaching for more."

Sour Jacks Sour Wedges are offered in 4 oz. and 5 oz. Peg Bags with suggested retail prices ranging from $1.00 – $1.79, and are available for purchase nationwide on Amazon, Dollar Tree, many movie theatre chains and other major retailers across the country.

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