EnvyPak is encouraging users of its 100% recyclable polypropylene products to take the "next steps" to reuse and recycle their products after its initial purpose has been fulfilled.

"Every day, the seemingly small decisions we make to reuse, reduce and recycle can lead to positive environmental impact over time," says Michele Cole, president of EnvyPak.

EnvyPak, based in Marysville, OH, manufactures clear, fully constructed plastic envelopes and clear packaging products from 100% recyclable polypropylene. A biodegradable version is also available.

Cole says, "Good stewardship of our environment is about more than just what materials we use. It's about the responsible decisions we should make after the product's initial purpose has been fulfilled. What are the simple, next steps we can take that add up to make a difference?"

According to EnvyPak, the "Green strength" of 100% polypropylene material is its capacity for re-use as an archival product, can decrease material consumption, save energy and can store important material without damaging the contents. Polypropylene is an strong, durable, archival and common recyclable material. 

EnvyPak materials have undergone independent laboratory (PAT) Photographic Activity Tests to confirm no harmful environmental reactions occur with their use. EnvyPak envelopes and packaging products can be re-used as an ongoing storage for photos, papers and other collectibles that require archival-safe protection. Companies that use EnvyPak envelopes for direct mail can also reduce their overall volume of mailings.

"Our customer results have shown that using EnvyPak polypropylene mailers drives engagement and interaction in such a way that companies don't need multiple mailings to get a higher return on investment," says Cole.

For more information, visit www.envypak.com.