Witch, a skincare company for over 50 years, offers a wide range of products that can help blemish issues at every stage of their development. The  Witch range reportedly offers a holistic skincare regime, helping protect skin from the environment, provide solutions, treat skin and give a youthful glow. 

According to Witch, it introduced 4 clear segments to the range to address all needs of blemish prone skin, along with a packaging design refresh. With sustainability at the heart of the strategy, recyclable and recycled packaging solutions, reduced packaging and biodegradable materials were used to ensure Witch is kind to the planet.

For the redesign, Witch sought the help of London based packaging design studio, Slice Design. Slice were tasked with designing the packaging, creating an architecture that can span a wide range of products and developing branding that jumps off the shelf and spreads the positive Witch message: that you should embrace your individuality even with skin imperfections, what the brand calls “the Witch way”.

The Witch brand colors were retained to ensure customer recognition with the new packaging and segments were introduced onto the front of pack to help navigate the range. The packs feature new iconography to promote sustainability and explain ‘how to use’ the product for clear communication and expert advice.

Alan Gilbody, founder and director at Slice Design Limited, says, “Witch stands for natural, expert skincare with a history or using Witch Hazel as a core ingredient for over 50 years, so it was important the pack designs showcased its unbeatable power and multitude of benefits. The background uses amorphous circles to help cue naturalness, skin layers and protection — reiterating Witch as an expert in skincare.”

Stefano Larghi, brand marketing manager at Witch, says, “Slice are a really trustworthy and professional company. They took care of our Witch brand relaunch and understood from the beginning our need and the essence of the brand. This has led them to provide us with a great concept. They are really a great team to work with, we have been always been very pleased with the outcome!”

For more information, visit www.slicedesign.co.uk