ProAmpac, is building on the European Rapid Action Packaging’s (RAP) fresh-food-to-go packaging portfolio by expanding into North America. Widely recyclable in paper streams, each product contributes to removing avoidable plastics and uses the least amount of materials possible. In addition to the sustainability benefits, ProAmpac’s fresh-food-to-go packaging offers modified-atmosphere options with various customization options.

“Continuing our mission to deliver sustainable flexible packaging solutions, ProAmpac is pleased to offer the full capabilities of the RAP product line to the North American market following our successful merger in January. Already proven in the UK and EU markets, our sustainable extended shelf-life packaging products ensure consumers experience the same quality and freshness whether food is produced in-store or upstream,” says Adam Grose, chief commercial officer for ProAmpac.

Acquired by ProAmpac in January 2021, RAP, a UK- based manufacturer, has a 24-year history of delivering innovative and sustainable cellulose-based packaging products for fresh prepared and ready-to-eat food-to-go. Packaging offerings include sandwich packs, trays, wraps and soft wraps for standard flow wrap machines.

“RAP has spent more than two decades delivering sustainable, and performance driven ready-to-eat packaging products to U.K. and EU markets. By joining ProAmpac we can take the next step in our growth strategy and extend this level of service and innovation to North America,” says Graham Williams, global managing director, fresh food packaging for ProAmpac.

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