GP PRO, a division of Georgia-Pacific, introduced the Automated Sealing Machine, which provides a tamper-evident, spill-resistant sealed film on to-go cups. The seal helps keep the beverage hygienically contained in the cup until the customer inserts a straw or removes the film.

GP PRO conducted a consumer survey with online research platform InstantPop to find out if customers who ordered a fountain drink for delivery in the past year had experienced any problems.

According to the findings, 34% of respondents received a fountain beverage that had totally or partially spilled in transit, another 34% received a drink that appeared messy or unclean and 21% had reason to believe their beverage had been tampered with.



"COVID-19 has led to unprecedented growth in the takeout, delivery and drive thru market — growth that is sustaining many foodservice operators who can't currently offer in-person dining," says Alec Frisch, vice president and general manager of foodservice with GP PRO. "But if operators want to see that off-premise growth continue, as an industry, we need to solve these customer concerns."

In product trials, 91% of consumers said they felt the Automated Sealing Machine would help prevent a fountain drink from spilling in their car, and 85% said they would feel more confident that their fountain beverage had not been tampered with if it were sealed by the Automated Sealing Machine.

"As operators across the country embrace our sealing technology, I anticipate the customer experience will improve and fountain beverage sales will flourish," says Frisch.

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