Berry Global Group, Inc. announced an investment of more than $70 million to support continued growth in consumer packaging films primarily for e-commerce, food and beverage applications. The investments supports new multi-layer blown film lines along with infrastructure upgrades and other equipment that will come on line in 2021 and 2022 across multiple sites in the North American manufacturing system. Beyond the traditional infrastructure upgrade, these film lines will support anticipated customer demand for recycled content.

According to Berry, it is committed to meet customers’ sustainability goals through its investments in the latest equipment technologies, advantaged film development and design for circularity. Line flexibility is a critical investment strategy deployed by Berry to ensure ongoing material science developments apply to customer specifications ranging from recycled content in its films to PHA resins that support bio-resin use.

Many of Berry’s customers have publicly stated sustainability goals, many of which specify the increased use of recycled or recyclable materials. This technology will reportedly further enhance Berry’s portfolio of fully recyclable, biodegradable or compostable films. In addition, the Company will incorporate renewably sourced raw materials into its products — specifically, shrink film and other flexible films.

“These investments are strategically focused on expanding our advantaged product portfolio to help our customers meet their sustainability goals, while concurrently driving innovation in anticipation of future sustainability needs in the flexible packaging market,” says Jerry Lamarre, executive vice president and general manager engineered products for Berry’s Engineered Materials Division.

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