ZAZ, a new brand from snack food group Domani Food SA, introduced new ZAZ Chocopops — 100% natural, organic lightweight Swiss chocolate snacks made of air popped corn covered in caramel, Swiss chocolate and nut pieces. Flavors include milk chocolate hazelnut, dark chocolate almond and white chocolate coconut.

Slice Design Limited created the brand identity and packaging graphics for the new range of Chocopops. The design — featuring a vibrant color palette paired with bold iconography — reflects the quality of the product and ZAZ’s mission to enable consumers to feel on top of their snacking routine without compromising on taste. The design utilizes a sash and gold foiling for shelf impact. 

Alan Gilbody, founder and director of Slice Design Limited, says, "Mix numbers were introduced to the packs to enhance “Specially Selected” and a red sash was used across the center of the pack as a nod to the regal roots of ZAZ. This created a bold architecture with lots of shelf standout.”

Julia Rahmani, founding partner at Domani Food SA, says, "Working with Slice was overall a great experience, from the first piece of artwork to our final designs. Response time was swift, plans and objectives clear and all our work met to the required deadlines. We are especially pleased with the end result. Slice has created a unique stand out brand for us and this quality of work will surely make us consider working together again in the future!”

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