MULTIVAC announced it has completed its range of chamber belt machines with the new B 425 model, which can pack smaller products such as ham, cheese, poultry and fish and features high output, a compact and narrow design, durability, easy operation and hygiene.

The new model, which is designed in the MULTIVAC Hygienic Design, is aimed at food processing companies, and it is particularly suitable for the automated packaging of sausage, ham, bacon, fresh meat, fish and cheese in film pouches. The 1,300 mm long sealing bar makes it possible to load many products. The new B 425 reportedly offers a price-to-performance ratio when packaging smaller food products in film pouches and can be used in small production environments.

As with all chamber belt machines from MULTIVAC, the new model offers production output and pack quality — even at maximum loading in non-stop mode. The design for minimizing the volume of air to be evacuated can ensure that a higher cycle output is achieved. The optional sealing height adjustment, which can be performed without tools, allows for adjustment of the sealing height to the particular product.

The roller shear cutting before the chamber can ensure a smooth packaging process, even with film pouches that are very long. It is also possible as an option to sever the pouch neck by means of an automatic cutting unit. The patented MULTIVAC suction system ensures that the pouch trim is also removed reliably from the chamber.

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