AmPrima forming film from Amcor received prequalification to carry the store drop-off label from the How2Recycle program. This technology utilizes a recycle ready forming/non-forming flexible solution for consumer packaging applications. AmPrima forming film is fully compatible with the Amcor portfolio of AmPrima PE Plus recycle ready non-forming materials, which can be paired with EZ Peel technology for opening convenience. 

“AmPrima forming film is an exciting option for companies seeking a future ready solution that provides quantified environmental improvements. Switching to AmPrima forming film can reduce carbon footprint up to 69% compared to the incumbent nylon forming films. AmPrima forming technology is an important milestone in our commitment to make all of our packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025,” says Amcor Flexibles North America sustainability director, Fabio Peyer. “Our film runs on existing HFFS or thermoforming production lines and will not impact line speed, seal integrity or yield.”

Beyond assessing scientific test data and regulatory trade claims, the approval process assures material recyclability in accordance with the Association of Plastic Recyclers, evaluating collection (access to recycling), material sortation, reprocessing and end market use.

Final approval for carrying How2Recycle’s store drop-off label is subject to conditions like product application and final package design. Approved for clean and dry content, AmPrima forming film positions brand owners of popular applications such as hot dogs, string cheese or lunchmeat to be recycle ready when curbside recycling infrastructures become more commonly available.

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