DALIM SOFTWARE, makers of software solutions for creating, production and managing print and cross-media content, rolled out DALIM DRIVE — a stand-alone system that allows commercial printers with challenging data and workflow requirements (those who rely on fast production) to quickly add  prepress tools to scale up to meet demand. For many, it helps process files to match the high speed of digital presses. It can be massively deployed and scaled indefinitely using either cloud (such as Amazon Web Service) or on-premises infrastructures — making connections to existing workflow systems using a JDF API-driven library of print production tools. APIs are the technology that combine different systems together.

“In today’s fast-paced world of on-demand printing and tight deadlines, print service providers are under pressure to deliver large volumes of print swiftly, while burdened with more deliverables, file formats, versioning and content personalization — all without mistakes or added costs,” says Carol Werlé, DALIM SOFTWARE CEO. “Unfortunately, not all workflows are equal in feature sets, robustness or speed. Many print service providers learn that they need to consider different or new software tools to scale rapidly. DALIM DRIVE lets any print provider add one or a few workflow production tasks that deliver much more productivity than what they could deliver in their existing solutions.”

DALIM DRIVE reportedly lets any print/prepress provider upgrade any portion of their workflows that needs assistance. There are more than 100 tools available without interfering with any existing production workflow system. DALIM DRIVE is easy for print service providers to use on a monthly basis, selecting only the required tools that are needed for special projects.

According to DALIM SOFTWARE, this treats a production workflow as a sort of ‘headless system’; one that relies on the attached tools to do all of the production work. With DALIM DRIVE, the existing, functional production system is augmented by a few tools. This allows the flexibility to add tools when needed, the ability to experiment with new tools without interfering with the workflow itself, and adding new, fast tools rapidly and easily because APIs are relatively open ‘keys’ to the system.

Visit www.dalim.com for more information.