Great American Packaging (GAP) launched its compostable product line which now includes Breathable, Clarity, Laminate and Barrier* packaging alternatives.
A recent consumer survey found that almost 70% of consumers will seek out and are willing to pay more for products with sustainable packaging¹. Building on this momentum and shift in buyer sentiment, CPG companies and retailers are making investments in more environmentally friendly packaging.
GAP’s new line of packaging is designed to be good for customers’ products while completing the packages’ lifecycle. “Because how we serve our customers is what matters most, our customers’ needs are central to our innovation,” says Bruce Carter, president of GAP. “We are thrilled to be able to provide these new compostable products to support our customers’ efforts to embrace sustainability in their packaging.”
Compostable films break down into non-toxic organic compounds in municipal compost systems in about 6 months. GAP’s compostable product line components meet ASTM D6400 standards for plastics designed to be compostable and are approved for food contact. This range of products can also be custom printed to ensure products stand out at retail.

  • Breathable compostable film, a cloudy film, is best suited for grocery products requiring high breathability and gas permeability to reduce food losses. This film also provides high wear and tear stability to protect product integrity.
  • Clarity compostable film is highly transparent with excellent gloss and clarity. This product, a great alternative to conventional flexible films, is designed to biodegrade just like organic waste in a municipal or home compost system.
  • Laminate compostable film is transparent film with an intermediate moisture barrier typically used as the print layer in multi-layer films.
  • Barrier* compostable film and pouches provide excellent barrier for flavor retention and to prevent permeation of aroma and grease.
  • *Prototype: The materials used in this product are compostable. GAP is in the process of initiating BPI testing and certification

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