LEWA of Sweden recently launched an energy boost in a small nonwovens bag to be placed under the lip. The bag is filled with green tea, vitamins, antioxidants and caffeine, and reportedly freshens breath and strengthens teeth. LEWA does not tobacco, nicotine or sugar and comes in Spearmint, Apple & Spruce, Cola & Lime, and Licorice & Raspberry flavors. The resealable bag contains 18 energy bombs and the zipper seals the bag hermetically and prevents the contents from drying out as the product is consumed.

”We expect a lot from this world novelty, and the consumers who tested it have received it really well,” says Peter Johansson, VD of LEWA of Sweden. ”The SchurStar Concept gives us the important flexibility that will enable us to easily adjust the packing capacity as the product gains a foothold and we expand the range”.

For more information, visit www.schur.com.