The bundler is used to collate and securely bundle 3-packs, 4-packs, and 6-packs of shrink-wrapped bottles, which allows for faster shelf stocking at retail locations.

EDL Packaging’s bundlers incorporate a family of designs that use low density polyethylene (LDPE) to wrap a range of different products including cans, beverage and personal care product bottles, pet food bags, pulp fiber products such as egg cartons, doors/windows, and large boxes. Designs are modified to meet the unique needs of each specific customer.

The twin stream personal care bottle bundler begins operation by receiving a flow of filled bottles from an upstream filler and capper at 150 bottles per minute. A servo-controlled multiple stream laner accepts incoming bottles and cycles back and forth to distribute product into multiple lanes in pre-set quantities. The bundler then produces twin streams of product groups side by side, such as two lanes of 3-count groups or two lanes of 4-count, totaling 6 or 8 bottles to be wrapped simultaneously.

Once the lanes have been populated by the servo laner, bottles are released into a web of film. Flight bars cycle down behind the product group to seal and cut the LDPE film, loosely enveloping the bottles inside the film. The twin wrapped product groups then convey side by side through a high efficiency heat tunnel that tightly shrinks the LDPE film around the bottles, completing the bundling process. The two bundles of bottles exit the tunnel and continue downstream to case packaging and palletizing.

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