Camvac developed a post-consumer recycled (PCR) grade PET barrier film named ExtraPET PCR. This new development joins Camvac’s existing ExtraPET film range which is used primarily within for the food and converter marketplace.

ExtraPET PCR has been purposely developed to meet the growing consumer demand for more sustainable lidding film solutions. The new film development sets out to reduce plastic waste and plastic going to landfill. It also utilizes the circular economy, reducing the use of fossil feedstocks, alongside reducing carbon footprint and supporting recycling streams along with improved waste collection. The film still provides an all-PET structure and maintains Camvacs’ high gas barrier performance, both OTR and WVTR as required for MAP & CAP packaging applications.

Available in either peel or weld seal laminate structures, the mono-material lidding film has been designed to offer sealing properties and exceptional barrier performance. The high barrier polyester laminate contributes to the film being used for a wide range of processed meats, fresh meats, poultry, pastas, vegetable and bakery packaging solutions.

Camvac’s development director, Gary Chalkley, says, “ExtraPET traditionally provides a variety of environmentally friendly and atmosphere packaging solutions in peel and non-peel, anti-fog, and high barrier options. By introducing a minimum 60% PCR content film into the range boosts the film’s environmental attributes of this mono-material film in the drive for more sustainable film solutions for the packaging of fresh and prepared produce.”

The peelable ExtraPET PCR is available as an adhesive laminate of 12-micron polyester to 20-micron polyester. ExtraPET PCR Peelable total PCR content makes up 62% of the laminate structure. The weld seal laminate structure is 12-micron polyester to 15-micron polyester. This laminate structure uses two base webs that accumulates the total post-consumer recycled content of 65% of the laminate structure. ExtraPET PCR has been developed to go beyond the 30% post-consumer recycled minimum.

The ExtraPET range being an all-polyester structure allows for the potential of total recyclability where post-consumer collection infrastructure exists. The recyclable lidding film has the capability to seal and peel from various tray structures including PET trays. A PET tray and ExtraPET film lid combination meets the requirement of a complete mono-material packaging solution that is truly recyclable.

ExtraPET PCR Key Features:

  • Mono-material (widely recyclable)
  • Chlorine free barrier coating (environmentally friendly)
  • Excellent seal integrity
  • Minimum 62% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Content
  • Peel and weld seal options
  • Market leading antifog properties
  • Excellent light transmission / low haze values. Excellent clarity and product visibility
  • High barrier laminate offers extended product shelf-life
  • Print receptive top coating

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