PlantFuel Life Inc. (PlantFuel) has announced that it has upgraded its partnership with leading retail GNC to the Platinum level. Additionally, GNC has increased its initial purchase order for PlantFuel products to $3.9 million.

PlantFuel is an all-new, premium plant-based nutritional supplement brand developed in conjunction with GNC, reportedly bridging the gap between healthy, plant-based nutrition and peak performance — with compostable, eco-conscious and responsibly sourced packaging.

"We are thrilled to be upgraded to GNC's Platinum partnership. The package will generate higher visibility and generate even more excitement for the PlantFuel brand, which is making important new contributions to the sports nutrition category," says PlantFuel founder, Brad Pyatt.

The PlantFuel premium product line to be featured by GNC will be: 

  • All-in-One Nutrition features 20g of complete plant-based protein plus 29 fruits and vegetables, as well as clinically studied Wellmune beta glucan for immune system health to provide you with complete nutrition on the go. The initial flavor offerings include Chocolate and Vanilla.
  • Performance Protein delivers 20g of complete, plant-fueled protein with added vegan-fermented BCAAs as InstAminos and PeakO2 performance mushrooms. The initial flavor offerings include Chocolate and Vanilla.
  • All-in-One Pre-Workout uniquely features patented 3DPump -Breakthrough with vegan-fermented citrulline, glycerol and Amla fruit extract to support exercise performance, recovery and nitric oxide; along with 250mg of Purcaf Organic Caffeine plus 85mg of Dynamine® to increase perceived energy and alertness. The initial flavor offerings include Fruit Punch, Watermelon and Blue Raspberry. 
  • All-in-One Recovery provides vegan fermented BCAAs as InstAminos with essential amino acids as vegan Amino9® plus vegan-fermented Creatine and BetaPrime to reduce soreness and recovery time, and optimize muscle protein synthesis. The initial flavor offerings include Blood Orange and Berry Breeze.
  • Daily Immunity + Hydration features clinically proven ingredients Wellmune to strengthen the immune system, and Aquamin calcified sea algae to provide superior hydration benefits. PlantFuel Daily Immunity + Hydration is the proven choice to fuel your daily active lifestyle. The initial flavor offerings include Citrus Burst, Tropical Punch and Raspberry Lemonade.

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