Spot “Fancy Cut” (FC) is a processing technology developed by Hosokawa for easy opening without notches. The company says its processing is highly economical because it does not require a large capital investment, and the technology is widely licensed all over the world.

Spot FC is easy tear processing that can be performed on PET and PP materials (sometimes BOPP) and in various forms, specifically, stick pack, pillow pouch, gusset pouch, three side seal pouch, standing pouch, etc. Generally, Fancy Cut is processed endlessly in the direction of roll flow.

Further improvement of the Spot FC is featured and that users can make a “spot” easy tear function at any place of a pouch, acting as a child-resistant feature. This feature was used on adult supplements where Spot FC processing was used at the center of a pouch where infants were unable squeeze it with their teeth, and only adults can pinch and open it.

While Fancy Cut has an easy tear function on the left and right ends of the pouch, Spot FC can process the easy tear function in any size at the selected part.

The company says that Spot FC is a processing technology that should be widely used for packaging of medicines and supplements (stick pack and sachet).

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