In this episode of the Flexible Packaging Podcast, we spoke with George Argyros, Soulsight’s CEO and partner, about brand strategy and what it means to connect with consumers. With 26 years of experience and 12 years at Soulsight, George has worked with global brands, such as PepsiCo, Campbell’s, Hershey’s, Kraft Heinz and more.


Argyros says, “First and foremost, everything we do — whether its strategy, research, brand design or consulting — is done intentionally through a consumer centric lens; it’s all based in human needs…

“As far as purchase behavior goes, brand design has the responsibility to convey the functional benefits certainly, but also has the power to express an emotional meaning and forge an emotional connection. In the moment where purchasing decisions are made, it’s a really important part of a brand expression — it has the power to sway a planned purchase or inspire an impulse buy. Design’s role in brand loyalty and building that package design is what we like to call the brand in hand experience. Purchase behavior in driving the emotional connection between the brand and consumers is really where the rubber meets the road.”


Vizzy Pride
Courtesy of Soulsight