From Flying Motion with XPlanar to cloud-connected IoT tools and more, Beckhoff will showcase new hardware and software solutions that enable packaging applications at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2021. New washdown-capable IP69K and track-changing versions of the eXtended Transport System (XTS), along with updates to the fully integrated portfolio of Industrial PC (IPC), EtherCAT I/O, drive technology, mechatronics and TwinCAT 3 automation software technologies, are just a few innovations that will be on display.

From September 27-29, 2021, visitors to booth LS-6149 in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s lower south hall can discuss how to best apply leading-edge automation technologies directly with Beckhoff packaging and engineering experts.

Packaging Processes with XPlanar

The eXtended Planar Motor system, XPlanar, offers capabilities for adaptive packaging, material handling and inspection, along with opportunities to shatter conventional thinking in automation, implement non-linear processes and enable true lot-size-1 production. The Flying Motion system from Beckhoff creates no contamination through contract-free and wear-free movement, and the freedom to use any surface covering — stainless steel, glass, plastic, etc. — makes XPlanar a sanitary, washdown-capable solution. This will be the technology’s in-person debut at a PACK EXPO event.

XPlanar comprises a base of freely arranged planar motor tiles that generate electromagnetic fields to levitate and propel passive movers in multiple sizes. With speeds up to 2 m/s and max acceleration of 1 g, movers carry payloads ranging from 0.4 kg to 4.2 kg (roughly 10 pounds) and can work together for even larger payloads. Path planning, automatic collision avoidance, 360-degree rotation and anti-sloshing functionality are standard in the motor tiles and TwinCAT software. As such, XPlanar delivers unlimited customization, fully integrated functionality and simplified programming for diverse packaging machines.

XTS Adds Hygienic Design and Track Management

PACK EXPO attendees can also expect to see the latest updates to the intelligent XTS from Beckhoff. This linear transport system – which has already delivered high speeds, machine footprint reductions, instant changeovers and real-time integration with robotics and other systems – also offers a stainless-steel version and track-changing capabilities. The IP69K XTS Hygienic perfectly suits washdown production environments in packaging, pharma, food, beverage and more. XTS Track Management further boosts the system’s flexibility with the software and hardware functionality to transfer movers between multiple XTS tracks, which enhances customization, quality inspection, automatic defect ejection and other critical production and packaging tasks.

Beckhoff will showcase new technologies from every product family, including TwinCAT 3 software, which offers a comprehensive engineering and runtime environment, along with integrated packages for IoT, analytics, robotics, machine vision and machine learning. Power measurement, overcurrent protection and TwinSAFE functional safety are just a few of the EtherCAT I/O solutions that will be on display. The C60xx ultra-compact IPC series will return to PACK EXPO with new variants to suit even more applications, and attendees will get a comprehensive look at the full IPC portfolio through many other introductions in the Beckhoff Embedded PC, Panel PC and Control Panel lines. 

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