Douglas Sweets, a women-owned Scottish shortbread company based in the Green Mountains of Vermont, introduced its newly updated logo, packaging and product. The rebrand celebrates Douglas Sweets’ evolution as a company over the past decade and conveys the origins, core values and identity of the company. 

“Douglas Sweets has evolved significantly over the years and with our ten year anniversary just around the corner, we felt this was the right time to revisit our branding,” said Debra Townsend, founder of Douglas Sweets. “Every detail of our new brand has been thoughtfully and intentionally designed to reflect Douglas Sweets. Our goal was to represent who we are as a company, our values and where we come from.” 

Features of the Douglas rebrand include:

  • A new logo: The new custom logo highlights the women-owned and made in Vermont aspects of the business with the addition of “Vermont Bakery.”
  • Refreshed packaging: Douglas Sweets’ new packaging represents the company’s heritage with a modern twist. Each flavor of shortbread can now be easily identified by color and unique original artwork. The packaging is now recyclable and resealable so consumers can experience Douglas Sweets shortbread as close to fresh out of the oven as possible. The new packaging was also designed to create a gift option for any occasion.
  • New product: Douglas Sweets has introduced new shortbread flavors and a more buttery, crisp shortbread texture reflective of traditional Scottish shortbread. New flavors include Salted Caramel, Orange Blossom and Latte Chocolate Chip.