The Hartley Press invested in Electronics For Imaging, Inc. so it can continue to grow and maximize the potential of its skilled workforce. The company says its investment in the EFI Midmarket Print Suite, including the suite’s Pace and Process Shipper modules, has reduced quoting time by 50% and doubled productivity in the shipping department.

“We had Pace MIS for many years, but we weren’t using it to its full potential. Instead, we were handling processes in a dated way, our staff wasn’t working as a cohesive unit, and we had too much human intervention in all sorts of functions across the company,” says Kelly Banning.

“We also have a lot more information at our fingertips, we’re doing less re-keying of information on quotes and job jackets. We’ve speeded up our quotes by 50%, and we have better communication between departments. The suite has sped everything up and we have nearly doubled the number of packages we can ship,” says Banning. 

The EFI Midmarket Print Suite is a comprehensive, modular portfolio of cloud-based technology that creates an efficient and automated end-to-end workflow. The Hartley Press has been leveraging the power of EFI solutions even further, having invested in EFI Fiery digital front-end servers to drive its toner-based presses.

The new workflow system includes a host of modules designed to complement the industry-leading Pace MIS software, such as the eCommerce platform EFI MarketDirect StoreFront. The company’s workflow also features powerful EFI tools for customer relationship management, advanced accounting, fulfillment, inventory management, warehousing and advanced prepress integrations, including JDF.

The EFI Process Shipper solution installed as part of the company’s new workflow automates freight shipping by integrating with EFI Pace and other EFI MIS solutions. By eliminating touchpoints and accelerating workflows, the system lowers costs and transforms shipping departments into profit centers.

An additional strength of the investment has been the usage of all its fully upgraded features, which Kelly emphasizes has been of “great benefit to our sales force and significantly reduced pain points and frustration.” Sales staff can now work remotely and log on to see jobs throughout the workflow easily and keep on top of tracking information – all without needing to check in with the office.

Additionally, a new data collection system has been implemented and it will be integrated into Pace in the months ahead. For the Banning family, the trust placed in EFI has been repaid, with The Hartley Press looking forward to an ever-strengthening relationship in the years ahead.

“EFI’s leadership in print and packaging workflows comes from an unwavering commitment to customer success — with best-in-class, integrated business and production management software, as well as service and support offerings to help ensure customers can drive efficiency to a new level,” says David Bentley, general manager, Midmarket, EFI Productivity Software. “The Hartley Press is reaping the rewards of its investment in the Midmarket Print Suite, and we are excited about how our best-in-class workflow solution is helping this customer achieve greater automation and improved productivity.”

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