HYBRID Software, a Hybrid Software Group company that develops innovative productivity software tools for the graphic arts industry, announced that it has been recognized as an ‘Inclusive Company’ by Divergent.

Divergent is a Flemish government-funded and University of Ghent backed organization that helps people with workplace challenges to be pointed to job openings. They promote the employment of people who may have occupational disabilities and strive for inclusive recruitment, job retention and reintegration. Divergent also provides policy support and raises awareness among relevant stakeholders and actors around ‘work experience’, ‘workplace learning’ and ‘work-based learning’. 

“HYBRID Software has been building on its initiative to hire very capable employees with the assistance of Divergent. We are committed to engaging people in the labor market through workplace learning. We strongly believe in equal opportunity employment, and being a well-balanced and socially responsible company,” says Guido Van der Schueren, chairman of HYBRID Software. “The most significant result has been that we have added very talented people to our staff — individuals who have made significant impacts to our company’s performance. We are both pleased to participate in a significant initiative as well as adding very capable staff.”

For more information, visit www.hybridsoftware.com