ProAmpac, a flexible packaging and material science company, was recognized for its contributions to sustainability, innovation and package design in fresh food-to-go packaging. 

“This level of recognition underscores the global importance for sustainable fresh food-to-go packaging options and acknowledges the growing public concern for an overall reduction in food-waste,” says Adam Grose, chief commercial officer.

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition recognized ProAmpac’s Modified Atmosphere Sandwich Wedge for Innovation in Food Waste Prevention. 'The Modified Atmosphere Sandwich Wedge expands on existing design to include a longer shelf-life for fresh packed foods to-go' the award said. 

Lunch! 2021 honored ProAmpac with a lunch! Innovation Challenge award, saluting RecycAll Freshpack sandwich skillet. The all-fiber sandwich skillet with a window is considered plastic-free in the United Kingdom and Europe. In addition, ProAmpac’s novel sandwich wedge was recognized by the 2021 CStore Decisions Hot New Products in the Foodservice, Safety and Sustainability category. 

Finally, ProAmpac was short listed for four UK Packaging Awards. Final award winners will be announced during the organization’s Nov. 12 awards gala. 

“ProAmpac’s food-to-go packaging products have been commercial in the United Kingdom for many years, under our legacy brand RAP, but these products are relatively new to North America. So, to experience this amount of industry recognition in both markets is exceptional,” says Grose.

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