Cerebelly, a children's food brand aiming to deliver age-optimized nutrients for early brain development, announced the introduction of Bone Broth to its existing line of puree pouches. Bone Broth was inspired by soups and stews, and each pouch contains 5g of protein. The newest addition to its puree pouches is designed to allow children to experience similar flavors to their parents and are available in three flavors. Nothing the human brain is fully developed by five years old, the pouches focus on the amino acids delivered through animal protein in addition to the 16 nutrients already found in Cerebelly's existing pouches.

"As a Clean Label Certified brand, parents will continue to have peace of mind knowing their children are being fed the best from the very beginning," says Dr. Teresa Purzner, co-founder and chief science officer of Cerebelly. "We created these Bone Broth pouches to help familiarize your children with a range of flavors while also keeping the 16 nutrients and proteins in each pouch, making mealtime easier for parents all around.”

Bone Broth comes in Butternut Squash Chicken Broth with Thyme, Carrot Beef Bone Broth with Rosemary, and Sweet Potato Pinto Bean with Cumin.

The Bone Broth purees are currently available for purchase direct-to-consumer at Cerebelly.com for $14.03 for a pack of six purees, and will be sold exclusively at Whole Foods stores nationwide in December. The new purees are also included on Cerebelly's website in bundles for specific age ranges and growth milestones, and as part of a subscription delivery service.

Visit Cerebelly.com for more information.