Inspection systems from inspection technology systems maker Loma are designed as solutions toa variety of needs.

The company’s X5C Compact and the X5 Space Saver x-ray solutions are designed for low-maintenance and high-accuracy. Designed with packed convenience food, ready meals and small packaged goods in mind, the X5C is LOMA's smallest x-ray system available. Providing a machine length of 1000mm and offering critical control point (CCP) protection in a small footprint, the X5C is manufactured under LOMA's Designed to Survive philosophy to deliver one of the toughest systems on the market. The bigger X5 Space Saver can be integrated into line with optional freestanding reject and is available in 300mm and 500mm belt width models. Intended for products with a height of up to 180mm, the system incorporates a higher power x-ray generator and offers good detection levels on a wide range of hard and soft contaminants, including all metals, bone, glass, dense plastics, within most packaging types, including foil trays or metallized film. Loma’s x-ray systems can simultaneously inspect for the integrity of the product, which includes missing items, excess products (by volume count) and x-weighing.

LOMA’s IQ3+E Pipeline is a metal detection system designed to inspect pumped products such as soups, sauces, slurries, jams or dairy. Providing sterile in place (SIP) and easy strip down cleaning depending on the application, IQ3+E Pipeline complies to EN1672-2 hygiene standards, offering IP69K protection suitable for both high-care and low-care environments.

The IQ3+E Metal Detector Conveyor system can be configured to suit various factory and product requirements. Different reject options, including a stop on detect conveyor and a pusher system. Both models being ideally suited for packaged product.

The CW3 Checkweigher is designed to be integrated into the production process to ensure product weight meets legislation, the CW3 Checkweigher is intended for products such as convenience foods, sachets and ready meals. The system is designed to be fast and accurate and can cope with a wide variety of flexible and rigid packs over a broad range of weight up to 60kg. It has many options to meet all application needs, with options such as reject confirmation, bin full sensors and infeed guides.

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