Toppan, a global company in communication, security, packaging, décor materials and electronics solutions, has been named to the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World) for the fifth consecutive year. Toppan has also been selected to the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia/Pacific Index for the third year in a row.

As the world’s longest-running ESG investing index, DJSI World is widely recognized and trusted by experts. Companies’ environmental, social, and governance performance is evaluated based on a stringent Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) of more than 10,000 listed entities around the world. Companies demonstrating outstanding sustainability performance are selected to the DJSI World index.

Toppan is one of 322 companies named to the DJSI World index this year. It is among 35 Japanese companies selected and the only Japan-based company in the Commercial & Professional Services industry group. Toppan significantly improved its scores over last year in the areas of environmental efficiency and risk and crisis management, and its readiness to respond to climate change and other social issues was rated highly. Toppan also registered a top score for information security/cybersecurity for the second consecutive year.

Toppan engages in a wide range of sustainability activities, incorporating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into targets and aligning initiatives with the United Nations Global Compact and the core subjects set out by ISO 26000. The TOPPAN SDGs STATEMENT, published in November 2019, expresses the company’s commitment to intensifying its approach and integrating the SDGs into management. This was further detailed in November 2020 with the announcement of TOPPAN Business Action for SDGs, which identifies specific areas of focus for Toppan to contribute to the SDGs through business.

In January this year Toppan announced the Toppan Group Environmental Vision 2050, setting out long-term initiatives to address environmental issues as part of efforts to create a sustainable society in which all forms of life can thrive. Toppan also reviewed its key performance indicators for “environmentally friendly & sustainable production” under the theme of Companywide Materiality and set new figures for the Toppan Group Medium-and-Long-Term Environmental Targets for Fiscal 2030.

“Selection to DJSI World for five consecutive years is something we can be proud of and testament to our consistent efforts in the area of sustainability,” says Shinichi Ohkubo, Toppan’s executive vice president & representative director. “We also recognize the need for continuous enhancement, such as with the recent formulation of the Toppan Group Human Rights Policy. We will advance activities that support a sustainable society and increased enterprise value as we aim to be a leader in solutions to global social issues under our key concept of Digital & Sustainable Transformation for future growth.”

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