Little Spoon has gone from fledgling start-up to a rapidly growing DTC leader in the fresh baby food space. 

“It’s so satisfying to be able to work on a brand from inception, helping guide its strategic path, “ said Pamela Long, partner, Little Big Brands. “When we first designed Little Spoon it worked great in-store, but as they pivoted to DTC and the line started growing, there was a real opportunity to create a more unified, modern visual palette.” As a brand that is focused on Millennial parents, compelling aesthetics are table stakes. At the heart of this redesign was bringing visual cohesion to the portfolio. Unique and ownable illustrations were critical, as was a fresh and vibrant new color palette. The result is a brand that follows modern DTC codes while remaining true to its DNA. “At Little Spoon, it’s not just our products that are fresh— it’s our take on parenting and what it really looks like today. We wanted to use design to communicate our modern approach to babies' and kids’ meals in a way that appeals to both the parent and child. Straddling an illustration style that could be drawn by either party, utilizing a bold typeface and vibrant colors, then layering in the use of organic forms inspired by our ingredients and of course, our spoon, conveys our fresh take in this category.” Said Caryn Wasser, VP of Brand Marketing and Partnerships, Little Spoon.

Along with the new branding comes a much-anticipated website upgrade with an optimized menu experience, as well as product deep dives highlighting key ingredients and unique hidden veggies and superfoods.