Bostik, the Adhesive Solutions segment of Arkema, signed a purchase contract with Nordmeccanica, a leading lamination machines suppliers, for the furniture of a cutting-edge commercial laminator — to bolster its global R&D efforts on flexible lamination and further diversify its offering of sustainable smart adhesive solutions.

The new state-of-the-art equipment will be based in Bostik's Shanghai R&D center and primarily serve the flexible packaging converting industry, which provides adhesive solutions for food and beverage, fast moving consumer goods, pharmaceutical and industrial applications in the Asia Pacific region. 

It will reportedly allow Bostik to deliver more sustainable, high quality and innovative adhesive solutions to customers in Asia Pacific and around the world, with areas such as solvent-free solutions, low monomer solutions and solutions that serve the growing need for monomaterial packaging, among the ones that will receive particular focus. 

By enabling Bostik teams to reproduce the exact production processes that its clients implement, it will also reportedly help speed up the pace at which innovations are developed and brought to the market, contributing to the prompt diffusion of more sustainable adhesive solutions for the packaging industry. 

Finally, the new laminator will reportedly lead to strengthening the Bostik's Flex Pack Academy, a knowledge center on flexible lamination and adhesive solutions, thus contributing to expanding the knowledge on flexible lamination through the whole value chain. 

"Working with partners such as Nordmeccanica will enable us to deliver superior and safe products to our customers, and at the same time unlock our potential in continuously delivering high performance and sustainable solutions. This is perfectly in line with Bostik's strategy to forge purposeful partnerships that contribute to our Group's ambition to create innovative materials for a more sustainable world," says Richard Lelievre, senior vice president of the Advanced Packaging Business Unit at Bostik.

In the wake of the acquisition of Ashland's performance adhesives business, this new partnership further strengthens Bostik's global position in flexible lamination, a steadily growing market, thus actively contributing to Arkema's ambitious growth strategy. 

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