Azonprinter expanded its current portfolio with two new products — Azon Presto and Azon Presto+.

The new flatbed cutters Azon Presto and Azon Presto+ are completely focused on any DTF solution. Even though the cutters are built for use with the current solutions Azon Pronto and Azon Pronto+, the company says they can be used with any other DTF solution.

Both Presto solutions are built with high class technology, giving the way to the new functionalities — such as high cutting precision for small text string (easy to tear of the scraps), advanced algorithm (elimination of distorted, rounded or lifted corners), half/perf cut (perforation cutting) and fast registration marks detection by CCD camera.

Presto and Presto+ offer fast speed for volume production — servos can reportedly bring out smooth acceleration, big torque, precise cutting/plotting and durability.

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