As flexible packaging continues to replace rigid bottles for sustainability benefits, Integrated Plastics Packaging announced its capability to produce spouted pouches for products ranging from liquid detergent, personal care, alcohol-based hand sanitizers, condiments and lawn & garden products.

Pouches ranging in size from 4 oz to 64 oz are available with spouts that offer a flip top cap with foil inner seal or tamper evident spout/cap assemblies. The high barrier adhesive lamination technology provides for chemical resistance to active ingredients, typical of the products in the intended markets.

Some key benefits of a spout pouch: 

High convenience: Access to contents from spout pouches easy and on the go use. 

Eco-friendly: In comparison to rigid plastic bottles, pouches use significantly less plastic, meaning it requires fewer natural resources to produce.

 Evacuation: Pouches can evacuate up to 99.5% of the product, cutting down food waste.

Economical: Spout pouches cost less than many conventional food packaging options.

High visibility: Custom print on the spout pouches can make products stand out on the retail shelves.

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