Together with its current round of funding, TIPA — a company that provides high-performance compostable packaging solutions — has raised $130 million to date. TIPA's technology has generated global interest in light of commitments made by the majority of global brands and retailers such as: PepsiCo, Mars, Nestle and Walmart to transition to “100% reusable, recyclable, compostable plastic packaging by 2025”. 

The company has raised $70 million in its round C,, led by Millennium Food-Tech and Meitav Dash, who invested together $30 million.The Strategic and financial investors include Migdal Group Insurance & Finance and additional international investors. As part of its growth phase, it is expected to further expand its operations in the different territories where it operates, launch new products lines and expand into additional markets, leading the transition to compostable packaging to replace non-recyclable plastic.

TIPA’s landmark packaging innovation is able to emulate the robust properties of conventional and offer the same functional properties of plastic in protecting food and other goods. Yet, at its end-of-life, the products decompose and return to nature via composting, just like an orange peel, leaving zero waste behind.

The company focuses on the $103 billion market of consumer flexible plastic, with the vast majority of these packages are not fit for recycling and less than 4% is recycled globally. Consumer flexible plastic also makes approximately70% of ocean plastic, and is the most littered plastic type, much due to the lack of any recycling/economic venues for such packages post-usage. 

Foreseeing the massive growth in the market-demand for compostable packaging and to replace hard-to-recycle plastics, TIPA has developed a wide range of patent-protected packaging solutions for applications such as fresh produce, fresh bakery, dry food and apparel packaging. Multiple brands and retailers in food and fashion industries have adopted TIPA’s solutions including Waitrose, Woolworth, Riverford Organic Farmers, Pangaia and Scotch & Soda, among many others. 

TIPA is also engaged in multiple strategic partnerships with industry leaders in its supply chain. It recently signed a partnership agreement with AMCOR, the world's largest plastic packaging manufacturer (NYSE: AMCOR). The partnerships aim to provide compostable packaging solutions for the packaging market in Australia and New Zealand.

Daphna Nissenbaum, CEO of TIPA says, “Our encounter with plastic packaging waste in our everyday lives has become a constant alarming  reminder of the crisis we face as humanity. New solutions that move beyond plastic and beyond the failure of the recycling industry are required to solve this crisis. In recent years, we have witnessed a sharp increase in the demand for sustainable packaging solutions from consumers, while compostable packaging solutions repeatedly are ranked as the #1 choice of consumers around the globe"

"TIPA’s packaging offers an answer for brands and consumers who want functional, sustainable, and organically recyclable substitutes for packaging that leave no waste behind. This round of funding is designated to support the company’s rapid growth and to enable a broader response to the growing market demand and continue to position TIPA as a world leader in compostable packaging solutions.”