Swedish company Esska offers tailored pacifiers packed into reclosable SchurStarLight bags — a hygienic and practical choice for storage, not only of pacifiers and other baby items. The Esska pacifiers are packed on a SchurStarLight Packaging Machine. 

To offer companies a presentation of this compact and ready-to-go packaging machine, SchurStar Systems have installed machines in vans. Interested companies can now order a demo at their company address.

Despite the low investment, SchurStarLight offers high automation and extreme adaptability. The compact packaging machine was developed for producers looking for all advantages of the SchurStar Concept, but who have quantity requirements for which the large SchurStar solution would not be suitable.

All SchurStarLight bags carry a zipper and are available in a range of versions with a variety of features. Changeover between manual, semi- or fully automatic packing process to another bag type or another product requires only few minutes, and without costly tooling. Easy to combine with equipment for weighing, counting and filling, as well as solutions for direct print or marking.

”We received plenty of details when SchurStar called us. But it was actually the packing test that convinced us how splendid the small packaging machine is for our business. It is compact, ready for use — it can be moved, run, and cleaned by one person. And the Schur representative packed our products into the practical handy zipper bags on the spot”, says Fredrik Sischerström, CEO of Esska. 

”It is the perfect solution for a company like ours — we don’t need to pack products 24 hours a day. And when in operation, the machine can easily be switched over to other bag types and other products. Last, but not least, it is a plus that one doesn’t have to travel to buy a packing machine, but can order a demo at the company address.”