Danish Kildespring has launched a new potato range in microwavable bags. The potatoes are packed in the SchurStar Zip-Pop Bag, enabling busy consumers to prepare a meal in only 8 minutes. Potatoes and spiced butter are placed in two separate compartments. During preparation, the steam from the potatoes opens the compartments and the butter in the top melts down over the potatoes. 

Each product is produced with the shortest possible distance between field and stove — without added preservatives, e-numbers or any other irrelevant elements. When potatoes are prepared traditionally, valuable minerals and vitamins are lost with the boiling water, but this gentle method reportedly retains the nutrients in the bag. 

”We were in the process of replacing the glass jars for our ready meals by a lighter solution, when we were introduced to the SchurStar Concept”, says Peer Slynge, managing director of Kildespring. ”On top of that, we faced issues in the packing process for our ready-to-serve sauces, again and again. But Schur’s presentation of its packaging machine made the decision easy. The packaging concept fits our production set-up perfectly. And as we need to pack a wide range of ready meals and convenience food, the versatility of the machine will be a great plus for us."

When introduced to the market, the SchurStar Zip-Pop bag was awarded for its innovative construction. The microwavable Zip-Pop bag is available to consumers in USA, Australia, Lithuania and Spain, with additional projects in the pipeline.

Kildespring are packing root vegetables, ready meals and sauces on their SchurStar machine — manually, semi-, or fully automatically. Switching between filling methods, bag formats and product types takes place within a few minutes. The packaging machine can be combined with diverse weighing, filling and process equipment, as well as equipment for labelling and marking.