Finding accurate and useful information to keep pace with the changes in the printing and ink industries can still be challenging. INX International Ink Co. announced it has created a helpful solution with the Printer Space blog.

Each month, Printer Space will provide advice on a wide assortment of topics. Articles will range from Color Management, Digital Printing and Innovation, to Productivity, Shelf Appeal and issues pertaining to Sustainability and Compliance.  

“The idea for the Printer Space blog was largely based on the number of questions we receive and address from our customers. We saw it as an opportunity to increase awareness and help the print and packaging communities,” says Renee Schouten, director of marketing for INX. 

“With the number of experts we have on staff, our goal is to make Printer Space the place where people go for insightful information. We did receive feedback from some initial postings that will shape our focus in the coming months. And it’s important to continue having an open dialogue because our industry is constantly changing.”

The experts Schouten mentioned have a world of experience and advice to offer, with the majority having 20 or more years invested in the printing industry. Some have devoted their entire careers to ink chemistry while others offer a brand owner, R&D or marketing viewpoint. All told, the different perspectives make for compelling reading.

The most recent posting Seven Ways to Increase the ROI on your Ink Spend",  is co-authored by technical services gurus Todd Hanrahan and Mike Hailfinger.