In commercial and packaging printing, color accuracy, speed and cost-effective production are decisive. To enable customers an even more efficient production with 100% color accuracy, hubergroup Print Solutions launched digital print folders based on the technology of GMG ColorCard. Thanks to the complete integration into the company’s color management system HDCC, hubergroup offers a fully automated digital print folder communication. At the same time, the printing ink specialist remains true to its proven benchmarks such as the reliable quality verification process and the print folder layout, which is characterized by its detailed information.

The already established system HDCC (“hubergroup Digital Color Communication”) serves as the basis for hubergroup’s digital color communication. The patented system not only store color and recipe data, but also takes existing data into account and prevents duplications. This avoids multiple elaborations of the same color. Additionally, HDCC features a quality control process relying on digitally stored master color data as well as highly stable standard paper.

Patrick Hübel, head of color service Europe at hubergroup, says, “HDCC is a standardization program with which we ensure that our customers receive exactly the color they want — all over the world. This is possible because all locations have access to the same, verified information."

As an extension to HDCC, hubergroup now integrates digital print folders which allow faster, location-independent, and therefore cost-effective processing.

“Our tests showed that our digital print folders are very convincing in terms of color accuracy, reproducibility, and lightfastness — and we can process them more efficiently than their analogue predecessor. This allows a faster production and more flexibility for our customers,” says Heinz Aumüller, responsible for Prepress and Process Standardization at hubergroup. “The digital print folder is fully integrated into our in-house developed color management system HDCC. Therefore, it is verified based on the final physical match and follows the same verification rules as the analogue print folder to guarantee the high-quality criteria our customers expect from us.”