MULTIVAC has announced that it is building a new sales and production complex 120 kilometers from Deli in India.

The company says the facility will cover 10,000 square meters and will cost about 6.8 million Euros. It expects to employ 100 people at the site when it is completed in December 2022.

“We are building up not only local production capacity, but also developing this site as a hub for the South Asia region,” says Guido Spix, joint group president of MULTIVAC.

The production area will assemble thermoforming packaging machines and tray sealers as well as manufacture dies and format sets. The company says it has operated in India through a joint venture with LARAON Group since 2009. 

MULTIVAC, based in Germany, is a provider of worldwide packaging solutions for food products of all types, life science and healthcare products.