Throughout the year, Berlin Packaging tracks consumer insights, product trends and packaging innovation to better understand what is happening in the market. The following are the top six packaging trends to watch in 2022 according to the experts at Berlin:

1. Trust & Transparency
 Consumers want to know as much as they can about the brands they’re investing in. On-pack communication about product attributes, formulation and origin is increasingly important to give consumers confidence in their purchase. The use of transparent packaging or die-cuts that allow the product to be seen in the package can also help boost trust and communicate quality.

2. Responsible & Sustainable
Sustainability in today’s market is imperative as consumers demand eco-friendly products and services, and packaging plays a significant role in a brand’s environmental footprint. Use of recycled materials, plastic alternatives and refill and reuse models will continue to grow, and innovation in sustainable packaging will remain a priority for companies as consumer demand, retailer requirements and government regulations continue to expand.

3. E-Commerce Expansion
The dramatic expansion of e-commerce that was accelerated by the spread of COVID is expected to stick around post-pandemic, and packaging will follow suit. Since e-commerce products may be handled up to three times more than those sold through traditional retail, e-commerce packaging has its own unique design, logistical and even brand design considerations. 

4. Tech Takeover
Technology is increasingly being used to help brands provide unique and interactive user experiences for their customers, and when it comes to packaging, this can include features like virtual and augmented reality (AR) and smart labels. Consumers increasingly expect brands to tailor products, experiences and content to their specific needs and interests, which can be achieved through tactics like customized and personalized packaging, and targeted marketing.

5. Safe & Sound
Consumer focus on the connection between health and hygiene was heightened by the pandemic, which has in turn elevated the importance of tamper-resistant and tamper-evident packaging, as well as packaging that securely reseals to keep contaminants out. Given the ongoing effects of the pandemic, consumers will continue to focus on safety and hygiene in 2022.

6. Inclusive & Accessible
Accessible and inclusive packaging design has been gaining traction as more companies focus on making sure that their products are accessible to everyone regardless of age, disability or physical limitations. This includes, but is not limited to, ergonomic forms that allow for optimized handling and dispensing, lids and seals that are easier to open and close while still being tamper-evident, braille markings, and more. In addition to demonstrating social responsibility, the incorporation of inclusive packaging can also drive trial and brand loyalty.