Suedpack and Clean Cycle Investments B.V. have announced an investment in CARBOLIQ a chemical recycling technology developed by Recenso GmbH.

The three companies plan to pool their expertise in material management and chemical recycling.   

“Fundamentally, our joint vision is tackling the problem of high-performance flexible packaging materials that can’t be mechanically recycled with current technology,” says Christian Haupts, CEO of CARBOLIQ. “We aim to make them recyclable and therefore compatible with future needs.  Thanks to the investment by SUEDPACK and Clean Cycle, we’ll be able to create a closed-loop, high-performance and industrial-standard system that also handles these products. It will allow us to exploit the extremely promising potential of our technology.”

“In a wide range of applications, for example in the food industry, high-performance multilayer films with effective protective functions are the most efficient solutions for keeping all kids of food fresh,” says Dirk Hardow, business unit manager at SUEDPACK. “Now CARBOLIQ offers a key system component for creating a circular economy in the food packaging industry which can’t be achieved solely with mechanical recycling. So we see our investment in CARBOLIQ as an opportunity for SUEDPACK to expand the definition of plastic waste recycling beyond just mechanical recycling.”

“We’re fully confident that chemical recycling will play a crucial role in achieving a sustainable circular economy that even includes high-performance plastic packaging,” says Laurens Last of the Last family which owns Clean Cycle.