Wiliot, an Internet of Things business, announced an enhanced Works with Wiliot (WwW) partner program and a series of new ecosystem partners, including Tactical Edge, Sensize, 2Plus, Digipal, Xsights, VisionID, MLINK, Codegate, Blyott and SATO.

The new Works with Wiliot (WwW) program features all-new matching functionality that personally connects Wiliot customers with the right ecosystem partner based on the location, industry and other needs to deploy Wiliot’s technology.

The WwW program guides customers to discover and align with the Wiliot partners that possess the right capabilities, expertise and resources to help them achieve their IoT objectives. Managed exclusively by Wiliot, the matching process minimizes legwork for Wiliot customers and partners.

Wiliot says it is poised to accelerate adoption of its Wiliot Platform and IoT Pixel tagging technology across global supply chains in ways that could make them more agile, profitable, and sustainable.

“The industry is evolving from an IoT of billions of expensive things to trillions of everyday things, and the potential for consumers and brands cannot be understated,” says Ulrich Nissen VP of Partners & Business Development. “However, the barriers to reaching this Internet of Trillions of Things (IoT2) are no longer technological or production related but ones of ecosystem partnership; no one company can build this IoT2, only a complete ecosystem of leading-edge IoT innovators can do so. That’s what we’ve built with our Works with Wiliot program, which has now evolved to include new functionality to streamline connections and new partners that offer unique products and services for our customers.”

To accelerate onboarding of new WwW partners, Wiliot is also launching its Partner Enablement Kit, which provides current and prospective partners with the tools they need to begin developing with and experiencing the Wiliot platform. The Partner Enablement Kit includes one year of Wiliot Cloud Service; IoT Pixels; bridge devices; gateway devices; a Wiliot Starter Kit; and access to the Wiliot community forum & support portal.