MCC Verstraete, a company specializing in off-set printed in mold labels, introduced SealPPeel, a polypropylene (PP) die-cut heat-seal lidding solution developed to optimize the recyclability of PP packaging.

When using SealPPeel in combination with a PP tub, the packaging becomes mono-material, reportedly ensuring the complete package is easily sorted and recycled. SealPPeel is an alternative to aluminum lidding, as consumers no longer need to separate the tub and seal to correctly dispose of the empty package.

SealPPeel die-cut lidding relies on a patented silicone sealing technique that allows for a larger operational window and lower sealing temperatures. This can not only reduces the sealing time, but also energy costs.

Contrary to aluminum lidding, SealPPeel easily peels off without tearing or leaving behind residue. When left on the container after opening, the lidding returns to its original position, offering a sense of hygiene to consumers. Next to its 'lickability' (a tasty asset for yogurt containers), it is also suitable for the microwave.

On average, SealPPeel offers a 2 times higher puncture resistance compared to 30μ aluminum seals. SealPPeel matches the colors or the PP packaging, offering opportunities for branding and artwork design.