Bloomios, Inc., a manufacturer and wholesaler of hemp-derived cannabinoid nutraceuticals and cosmetics, has been selected as the exclusive cannabidiol (CBD) product manufacturer for DRYWORLD, a maker of purpose-driven sports products designed to give athletes a performance edge.

DRYWORLD engaged Bloomios to co-develop and produce the company's branded, high-bioavailability CBD product line especially formulated for today's athletes.

"We've partnered with Bloomios because of their extensive experience with CBD brand development and high-quality, high-volume manufacturing," says DRYWORLD president, Claudio Escobar. "Their vertical manufacturing process enabled us to rapidly create and launch this important addition to our portfolio of leading-edge athletic performance products."

The initial lineup comprises seven products featuring hemp-derived CBD, including gel capsules, tinctures, powdered drinks, heat gels and pain-relief creams:

  • CBD Repair + Recovery Gel Capsule - 750 mg
  • CBD Tincture - 1500mg
  • CBD Complete Hydration powdered drink crystals - 150mg
  • CBD Complete Recovery powdered drink crystals - 375mg
  • CDB Complete Pre-Workout powdered drink crystal - 750mg
  • CBD Muscle Heat Gel - 3000mg
  • CBD Pain Relief Cream - 1000mg

The new DRYWORLD CBD products are based on all natural ingredients, premium CBD extracts, and are packed with vitamins, minerals and herbs.

"Our exclusive partnership with DRYWORLD, an exciting premium fitness brand, represents our first entry into the fast-growing sports nutrition and performance market," says Bloomios CEO, Michael Hill. "This valuable engagement highlights our exceptional manufacturing process, premium packaging, and efficient in-house testing and sourcing solutions for brands looking to take advantage of today's booming market for hemp-derived products."

The products target a North American CBD market that is projected to grow at a 33% compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) to reach $61.3 billion by 2027.

The growing demand by athletes has been driven by the elimination of CBD restrictions and penalties for their use by major sports sanctioning bodies. There is also a growing body of science showing benefits of CBD for athletes, including the reduction of inflammation and aiding in recovery.