In many European countries, resealable flow packs have been a preferred packaging concept for sliced meat, sausage and cheese products for many years. In Germany as well, the relevance of flow packs is steadily growing in many fields of application. This includes the packaging of salad, baked goods, cereal, snacks, sausages, frozen fish and shellfish –— and most recently, even ground meat. Consumers reportedly respond positively to the material-efficient and lightweight bags, which is why many manufacturers and packers are considering this packaging concept as an alternative.

And for this packaging system as well, the demand for recyclable alternatives is also on the rise. It is particularly concepts based on polymers that are classified as recyclable and can be returned to existing material streams that are now receiving an increasing amount of attention. 

SÜDPACK announced its innovative product family Pure-Line, which in addition to recyclable mono-materials based on PP, now includes solutions made of PE. Depending on the products to be packaged, the high-performance films can be equipped with different barrier properties in order to provide optimal product protection. Despite their reduced material thickness, flow packs based on Pure-Line films can provide a high level of stability that is comparable to conventional packaging systems.

The Pure-Line films have been tested on horizontal and vertical flow pack lines from the leading manufacturers of packaging machines. They have also been specifically designed for high output rates and maximum material yield. Moreover, the formation of a sealing layer can ensure the simple and efficient in-line application of common zipper systems. 

For added sustainability for printed flow packs, the SPQ printing technology by SÜDPACK is an intelligent option. Already honored with the German Packaging Award in gold, the printing process can reduce the use of ink and solvents to a minimum and is setting standards in flexo printing with its low carbon footprint.

SÜDPACK materials will be presented on the flow pack machines of various leading manufacturers at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne. “In this segment, we are expecting an even greater demand in the months ahead than has been the case. This is because the trend towards sustainable packaging concepts, which appeal to consumers with their convenience and also give companies in the food processing industry additional advantages in terms of flexibility, economic efficiency and logistics, will continue,” says Holger Hoss, who as product manager is responsible for the flow pack solutions at SÜDPACK.