WIPOTEC-OCS, a manufacturer and supplier of precision in-motion weighing, track and trace/anti-counterfeiting solutions and X-Ray scanning equipment, introduced new predictive maintenance functions for its line of high-precision catchweighers. The analytics-driven solution allows parcel processors to proactively predict when its catchweighers will need maintenance, resulting in well-planned tune-ups that can minimize downtime. 

The company says the new tools essentially allow catchweighers operators to “see the future,” providing a more accurate picture of when maintenance will be needed. The result is a data-driven ability to anticipate when a component actually needs repair or replacement, rather than the comparative guesswork of general guidelines and recommendations. 

With WIPOTEC-OCS’ predictive maintenance solution, a potential part failure can be detected at an early stage, then proactively prevented without interrupting operations. The system also allows parts to be utilized for their actual lifespan rather than their recommended one. The resulting additional usage for any number of components can amount to significant spare parts savings. Finally, much of the data obtained from implementing predictive maintenance software — including optimal throughput for the most accurate checkweighing — can be applied to boost overall equipment effectiveness and productivity. 

WIPOTEC-OCS catchweighers feature the company’s signature Electro-Magnetic Force Restoration (EMFR) weigh cells, a next-generation technique that guarantees optimal weighing results even at high line speeds. The machine features a revolving weighing system that segregates each product, weighs it independently, and returns it to the line, providing exemplary accuracy even at high speeds. The resulting precision helps eliminate reputation-damaging underfills or costly overfills. 

The HC-FL-T’s triple scale design delivers a 60% throughput increase at the same speed as a double scale design. Depending on product length, the triple scale catchweigher can weigh as many as three products simultaneously. The HC-FL-T can accurately weigh up to 19,000 parcels/hr at transport speeds up to 3.4 m/s (670 ft/min). The use of a high-tech electro-magnetic force restoration (EMFR) weigh cell delivers NTEP weighing accuracy of 50g even when running at top speed.