Chemosvit and Toray revealed a new mono-material pouch with a barrier function film printed by waterless EB offset — which not only reduces CO2 emissions but can also contributes to the circular economy.

Offset printing technology in flexible packaging is still not as widely used as gravure and flexographic printing, but can be beneficial especially in short and medium runs as it has a shorter time to market and offers more flexibility for production, as offset plate can be imaged within minutes.

Toray and Chemosvit believe waterless EB offset printing is the most environmentally sustainable solution. This technology is working without solvents. According to Toray’s estimation, its CO2 emissions are more than 80% below those from gravure printing. On top of it, it enables a 100% VOC- free process. Furthermore, as offset plates are made of aluminum, they can be recycled. In the end, the total energy consumption is much less than in other printing technologies. Chemosvit believes waterless EB offset printing will provide insight into optimizing the film properties to achieve the best printing results. Through this cooperation both companies are working on fine-tuning the new printing technology.