Vital Pet Life, in looking to reduce its impact on the environment, incorporated recyclable packaging with the first product in its Vital Pet Life Plus line. The company is now members of How2Recycle and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. 

According to the 2019 GlobalWebIndex, Sustainable Packaging Unwrapped data, 64% of consumers say recyclability is the most important aspect of environmentally friendly packaging. "We're committed to reducing our environmental footprint and thinking long term to incorporate responsible business practices. By becoming a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, we will continue to learn, adapt and advocate for sustainable packaging and innovation," says Donie Yamamoto, founder and CEO of Vital Pet Life. 

Vital Pet Life says its hero product, Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, is Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified 100% sustainable. Green Lipped Mussels, one of the four ingredients in Vital Pet Life's new proprietary Mobility powder, to date is recognized as sustainable and rated as "best choice" by the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch. The "best choice" rating indicates that GLM aquaculture is highly sustainable.

"When brands are both sustainable and profitable, they often have a holistic sustainability approach and think of sustainability as driver of their business transformation, impacting not just marketing but the entire organization from sourcing to supply chain," says Thomas Husson, the VP and principal analyst at Forrester.