Taghleef Industries announced the extension of its Titanium product family with two additional metallic films for in mold labeling applications.

Since its launch in 2015, LTZ film, has been promoted under the corporate Titanium brand name. LTZ is a unique multi-layer film characterized by an exclusive silver look delivering either a “mirror like” gloss or a matt “gunmetal” effect to the labeled container. The company reports the strength of Titanium LTZ lies in its metallic component as one of the inner layers of its structure, which can remove the possibility of scratching and improves ink adhesion.

The extension of Titanium product family is driven by Taghleef’s reported aim to offer a wider selection of metallized in mold label films, used to better differentiate products on the shelf with a premium bright finish.

The new Titanium portfolio will include the following metallic in mold label films:

  • LTZ - suitable for static charging and vacuum placement
  • LHZ - suitable for vacuum placement
  • LIZ - suitable for vacuum placement

These substrates serve as metallized labels on PP containers, and can represent a suitable alternative to aluminum containers.

Suitable applications for Titanium films reportedly include small, medium and large containers of industrial applications (e.g. paints & coatings), nutraceutical products (e.g. sports supplements), premium brand foodstuff and more.

Titanium product family belongs to Taghleef Industries’ portfolio of in mold label films that enables the widest choice of finishes: from a “no label look” to orange peel, satin finish, smooth finish, glossy finish and metallic look.